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New patients at Miskelly Chiropractic Center, P.C. receive a thorough health history and comprehensive consultation. The next step is an evaluation with the Pro-Adjuster® System. The Pro-Adjuster is a computerized analysis and treatment instrument that provides gentle Chiropractic care. A report of findings is reviewed with our patients and a recommended treatment plan is discussed with each patient.

The patient proceeds through the treatment plan in an environment of caring and support. The highest quality of patient service is provided during every step of the relief and rehabilitation processes. Educational information, providing long-term benefits to the patient, is also included during the treatment phase.

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News clips from around the country about the PRO-ADJUSTER. The PRO-ADJUSTER is a chiropractic instrument that uses space age technology to determine if each segment/spinal vertebrae is in proper alignment, so the nervous system is free to effectively transport nerve impulses throughout your body. The Pro-Adjuster uses the same type of technology that allows engineers to determine and handle weakness and stress on spacecraft.

THE FULL STORY…Health back pain lower neck spine headaches injury accident   NASA technology that can help you live a healthy and more productive life! Check this out!…Health back pain lower neck spine headaches injury accident.

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