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Headaches and Neck Pain

Headaches have multiple sources, some simple like dehydration, bright lights, heat, cold, constipation, poor sleep, too much sleep and not enough activity. Some more complicated like sinus congestion or infection, tooth abcesses, allergies, stress and vascular spasms or dilations and toxicities of many kinds.There are a few caused by serious problems like brain tumors.Fort Wayne Chiropractor’s must be aware of all those and many more. Many of those headaches can be related to subluxations.Subluxations are vertebra that are misaligned and pinch the very nerves that were supposed to protect you from most of those stresses.  That is the job of the Chiropractor, locate and fix those subluxations which then allows your body to heal itself.

Neck Pain most often happens with loss of range of motion.  With the loss of motion is joint painand muscle spasms or muscle splinting.When you experience this pain and it lasts for weeks or months, the body begins to lay down calcium that follows the bone, discs, ligaments or tendon fibers in an attempt to stablilize the joint.This is seen on x-rays as arthritis.As a Fort Wayne Chiropractor, I see my job is to restore normal function as quickly as possible to slow the development of arthritis.  Restored joint function also restores joint stability.

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