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Fall and Winter Concerns:

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Fall and Winter Concerns:
Television ads can reveal or help us predict future problems for many of our friends and patients. For example, the ads for sleep aids, restless leg syndrome, heartburn, and reflux offer drugs that may help with these problems but in turn cause many others that can be more subtle and difficult than the original purposes for taking the drug. If you have difficulty getting to sleep, it could be that you have napped too much during the day, or did not have enough exercise during the day. It may mean that you need to help to turn off your brain to let you relax. (You may want to try “Sleepy Time Tea” or Formula 303 from our office.)
On the other hand, you may find yourself waking after 1 to 2 hours sleep and then find it difficult to return to sleep. In this case you may also have leg or muscle spasms, irritability and short tempered or tooth sensitivity. (All of these indicate you may need Nutra-Cal or Osteoplex to resolve these problems.) But if you also have heartburn and reflux, we need to talk.
Fall means the weather will begin getting cooler and you will be wearing clothes that cover you more. You will sweat less and be exposed to the sun less. That means you will have lower levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D improves the immune system, improves the absorption and utilization of calcium. Most of us don’t get nearly enough Vit. D. Women, especially, need to take 2000 I.U.’s of Vit. D. daily.
Calcium absorption requires a stomach acid level to be around 5.2 ph. That’s acidic. Many of you are taking Tums, anti-acids, H2 inhibitors like Pepcid AC, or Proton Pumps like Nexium, and Protonix. They reduce acid and limit calcium absorption, even though they have calcium carbonate, which is alkaline, in them. They have another side effect: they reduce the absorption of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is needed to carry oxygen in the blood; the lack of it is anemia. B12 reduces pain and supports brain function. Lack of B12 is a cause of dementia. Senile Dementia and Alzheimer’s are indistinguishable by most of us. You need to be taking at least 1000 mcg of B12 daily. If you cannot absorb it, you may have to take some vinegar at the same time you take calcium and B12. If that does not help, PLEASE come in and talk with me.
Remember you need a MINIMUM of 48 ounces of water or a preferred amount of 64 ounces. This helps you eliminate waste and restore your waist. Have a healthy winter.

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