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Corporate Wellness Program

The health and wellness of your employees is directly related to the function and profitability of your company. Whether your employees do repetitive tasks, manual labor or are using their mental skills, they will be limited by or can excel because of their state of health.

We work hard to reduce absenteeism, but have you thought about presenteeism?

Presenteeism- What is it?

  • Presenteeism is defined as lost productivity that occurs when employees come to work but perform below par due to any kind of illness. While the costs associated with the absenteeism of employees has been long studied, the costs of presenteeism is newly being studied.
  • The cost of absenteeism is obvious ā€” 100 percent of the worker’s productivity is lost each day the worker is not on the job; the cost of presenteeism is a more “hidden” cost because the worker is on the job but is not productive and may be an accident waiting to happen.
  • Presenteeism is common. Many workers come to work not feeling wel lā€” they work with back pain, allergies, arthritis, and other conditions that can impair their own performance and productivity. Some workers come to the job sick with the flu or a cold, and these workers also perform below par. In addition, contagious workers may infect others, and this could contribute to further absenteeism and/or presenteeism in the business.

Many employees may not show notable signs of physical sickness but are mentally unable to function because of stress or impaired mental function. This impairment is hard to identify, but may hurt your company even more. It is often the result of inflammation and chemical imbalance created by an unhealthy or unsuited lifestyle.

How can Miskelly Chiropractic Center help?

When you observe true health and wellness you are not simply seeing the absence of symptoms or the labels of disease, you are experiencing optimum function and vitality. In applying a Wholistic Concept we want to assess current function and then create an environment for optimal function.We don’t stop at treating symptoms and numbers, we strive to enhance performance.

Our program is also more concerned with biomarkers of health than markers of disease.Blood work has standards for health, Saliva, Hair Analysis and the Insight Melenium made up of (5) five tests to determine the health and function of the Central Nervous System are all markers given to your employees to follow their improvement. We are concerned with strategies to solve health problems and not simply manage them.We are interested in reducing dependence on medication and supporting the body in its’ natural processes. We have developed strategies to create that reserve of health. We look at biological function and therefore look at and improve mental function at the same time.

If we can help people learn what lifestyle is more suited to their body, we can solve many of the most common health puzzles. We have a successful weight loss program because we focus on improving function of the human body, and we don’t focus on weight since it is just another symptom. Working with many diabetics, heart disease sufferers, mental dysfunctions, cancer support, fibromyalgia and fatigue, ADD, etc., we look for resolution of problems. Our ultimate goal is to have people avoid these diseases altogether.

Quarterly Health and Safety talks are recommended to give your employees a foundation and information needed to make implimentation possible. After all Implimentation is the secret of maintaining any successful program or activity.

If we can create healthy and self sufficient people, they will contribute more to your organization and in effect create corporate wellness. You can utilize our services to assess the current health status of your employees using both conventional markers for disease, and also by obtaining biomarkers of health and fitness. From there you can have us educate your people on how to move toward better health and productivity. People with advanced disease processes will be made less of a liability by improvement of their condition.

Informed, sharp, and motivated people are who you need working for you. Someone biologically and physiologically healthy will function at a higher level. You can bank on a skilled, motivated, healthy individual and we can help. CALL (260) 747-1596 check us out at www.chiropractorfortwayne.com

P.S.If you are an employee and you recognize the value of what you just read, PLEASE take time to show it to your employer. At least direct them to this webpage and I will thank you.I would hope your employer would do so as well.  Thank You for your consideration. Dr. William Miskelly

“Article reprinted with permission from Austin Wellness Clinic, HCG Weight Loss Specialists”

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