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Hypertension, can Chiropractic Help?

Yes!! ABC TVs Good Morning America proved it on a Vimeo video. The research used the expertise of Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Jr., a Chicago area Chiropractor, to test the effect of specific adjustments to the upper cervical spine. The study was to test the theory that adjustment could have a positive affect on blood pressure. It did!, now WHY?

The Medical Director for this University of Chicago Medical Research allowed Dr. Dickholtz to examine 50 Hospital patients. 25 received a real adjustment and 25 had fake adjustments. They each had only (1) adjustment and 8 weeks later those having the real adjustment still had lowered blood pressure. Impressive indeed!

If you watched the video you heard Dr. Timothy Johnson say that the “C1 vertebra is in a critical area” and Robin Roberts say it was like “the fuse box for the spine”. Let’s look at this a little closer.

Look at this diagram of the Central Nervous System.

Nerve Poster WebThe three parts are the Motor Nerves, the part you mostly control. The Autonomic Nerves, the automatic part that you have little control over. And the smallest part, the Sensory Nerves tell you what is happening in your environment, so you can use the larger two parts to adapt.

Each of these systems have information constantly traveling from the brain to the distant cells and then from those cells back to the brain. The Autonomic Nervous System has two parts. The Sympathetic Nervous System or accelerator and the Parasympathetic Nervous System or the brakes. The Sympathetic NS is primarily from C2, in the neck, down to L5, in the low back. These nerves overlap but are specific to each of the organs. Much as in your car, you can step on the gas (Sympathetic NS) or let up according to need. Sometimes you must slow down even faster, so you use the brake (Parasympathetic NS). If your accelerator gets stuck, you would have to brake hard.

The Sympathetic NS is more closely related to the Adrenal Gland and the Neurochemical that supports the Sympathetic NS is Adrenaline. Adrenaline causes the Sympathetic NS to speed up the heart rate, tenses muscles (which can cause diarrhea or bladder urges early on), increases blood pressure, dilates the pupils, reduces the appetite, then slows bowel and bladder functions. Many patients with high blood pressure have many of the above symptoms. Too much stimulation of the Sympathetic NS.

Why didn’t the Parasympathetic NS slow it down? That may be the answer to the WHY? C1, the vertebra Dr. Dickholtz adjusted during the research project at the University of Chicago, that is where some of the Parasympathetic NS brakes are found. If there is a Subluxation at C1 it can cause the Parasympathetic NS to not function in time with need. It could also be the culprit that is not allowing the Sympathetic NS to slow down. SOOO if the Sympathetic NS is not slowing down and the Parasympathetic NS is not stopping the rush, we have out of control Hypertension. The Parasympathetic NSslows the heart rate, relaxes the muscles, lowers the blood pressure, constricts the pupils, stimulates the appetite and normalizes the bowel and bladder . This seesaw activity is supposed to be constantly active. It requires a nervous system functioning at 100%. SOOO, How often do you think it is necessary for your nervous system to function at 100%? Once a day like a broken clock, or as close to 100% of the time 24/7?…….?……….?………..?

Of course it is still your choice just like it is your choice to see your dentist, your doctor or to mow your yard or change oil in your car. You have lived this long without a Chiropractor, why start now? Well maybe it could mean the difference between the health you have now and the health and wellness you have been seeking. After all, if you were happy with what you have you would not be reading articles written about health and Hypertension.

Think about it and give us a call at 260-747-1596. We look forward to serving you.

What to do for incontinence

As a Doctor of Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, my concern is for my patients and my local community. These exercises are very important to all adults. My recommendation is to do them standing, sitting, lying prone, supine and each side. If you did these exercises in each of those positions, daily, you may become aware of postures that are less responsive. This can help me know where you may have a subluxation pinching a nerve that could be affecting more than just incontinence. You live your life through your nervous system. Without 100% nerve function many health issues trouble you. As a Chiropractor, my job is to improve your health and lifestyle by restoring nerve vitality by unpinching nerves, improving nutrition, recommending and teaching effective exercise and lifestyle changes. If you need help, you can reach my office at 747-1596. We are here to serve you.

The following exercises were found at They were written and presented by Prevention Magazine.

Do Special Exercises

Kegel exercises were developed in the late 1940s by Arnold Kegel, M.D., to help women with stress incontinence during and after pregnancy. The experts say that these exercises reduce and may even prevent some forms of incontinence in both sexes and at all ages. Here are the guidelines from the National Association for Continence.

  • Without tensing the muscles of your legs, buttocks, or abdomen, imagine that you’re trying to hold back a bowel movement by tightening the ring of muscles (the sphincter) around the anus. This exercise identifies the back part of the pelvic muscles.
  • When you’re urinating, try to stop the flow, and then restart it. This identifies the front part of the pelvic muscles. (For women: Imagine you’re trying to grip a slipping tampon.)
  • You’re now ready for the complete exercise. Working from back to front, tighten the muscles while counting to four slowly, then release. Do this for 2 minutes, at least three times a day—that’s at least 100 repetitions.To locate your pelvic floor muscles, imagine trying to interrupt your urine stream. Slowly tighten and hold for 10 seconds; then relax for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Next, try a quicker squeeze and release of the same muscles–a faster move that works different muscle fibers. Squeeze and release in rapid succession 10 times. Do one set of fast and one set of slow Kegels each day, working up to three sets of both daily.

Body Benefit: Improves blood circulation to the genitals, which makes you more aroused; increases vaginal response and bladder control.

What should you do for a fever?

The old joke is, “Nothing.What has it done for me?”

Actually, a fever probably has done a lot for you.Your body successfully fights many illnesses by creating a fever. Remember, your body made that fever, and there is probably a benefit. Robert Mendelssohn, M.D. routinely told patients to throw away their thermometers. Ancient medical wisdom says, “Give me a fever and I can cure anything.”Years ago, at Park Ridge Hospital in Rochester, New York, I picked up a what-to-do-for-fever booklet.It said that the hospital does not even treat a fever until it is over 102 degrees, and then only for the comfort of the patient.

So what do you do for a fever?Well, first do nothing at all.If it runs its course in a day or two, let it be.

If a fever is very high for very long, though, there is genuine cause for concern and for action.Many days of a fever in excess of 104 degrees might result in heat seizures, kidney failure or a variety of other complications.Fevers are not the trouble; they are the indicator of trouble. We need to deal with the cause of the fever and the fever will take care of itself. When I walk indoors shivering on a winter’s day, I do not want muscle relaxants or pain killers.I want warmth.Get me warm, and my teeth will stop chattering on their own.It is good to know WHY the body has a fever.

In our house, we will accept a daytime fever up to 103.5 degrees without medication.We like to see it under 102 at night.This mostly comes from our worrisome nature as parents.When our kids were very little, we slept a lot better knowing the fever was down before bedtime.To reliably lower the fever, we used vitamin C and plenty of it.(Added by Dr. Miskelly.That means 1 to 3 thousand mg. every 10 to 15 minutes til the fever breaks or you get diarrhea.Then back off to 1 to three thousand mg. every morning, noon and night til well.)

The biggest plus for vitamin C is that it is remarkably safe.Another advantage of high-dose vitamin C therapy is that, while it is an excellent antipyretic, vitamin C acts as a natural antibiotic and also strengthens the immune system.Vitamin C lowers a fever by eliminating its cause.The vitamin must be given very frequently and in sufficient quantity to get results.When sick, I think one should take vitamin C as often as humanly possible, even every ten minutes if necessary.Bowel tolerance and/or cessation of symptoms indicates sufficient quantity.

Bed rest and liquids have always been and still are very helpful.Instead of water or worthless sugar “juice drinks,” I suggest you use freshly made vegetable juices.Carrot juice in particular is fairly tasty and loaded with carotenes.Many fevers are accompanied by infection.Infection rapidly depletes the liver of its vitamin A reserves.Carotene is (water soluble,) the cheapest and safest way to take in large amounts of pro-vitamin A, which the body will convert into retinol, (oil soluble Vitamin A,) on demand.Deficiency and toxicity are therefore both avoided.

Of course a sick body needs sleep.A niacin supplement will shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and actually act as a natural sedative.No more niacin should be taken at a time than causes a slight warm feeling, or “flush.”(It increases blood flow to fight the infection, raises seratonin to calm the brain.The amount needed may be 25 to 50mg.Rarely more.)

Homeopathy may be very appropriate to try during a fever.Non-prescription homeopathic preparations have a nearly two hundred year history of safety.They are so dilute that toxicity is next to impossible.One might wonder how something so safe can be so helpful to the body.It was during a major outbreak of scarlet fever that homeopathic medicine first received validation.Records showed that more patients survived with homeopathic treatment than did with conventional medicine.

Two classic remedies that we’ve often used at home are microdilutions of Belladonna and Ferrum Phosphate.Because homeopathy emphasizes treatment of the person as a whole, there is not just one “fever remedy.” In fact, in Boericke’s Materia Medica, Ninth Edition, there are no fewer than 14 PAGES of indexed references on “fever.” Don’t be put off by such thoroughness, however.A simple guide to the handiest remedies will be quickly found in The Prescriber, by J. H. Clarke, M.D. Homeopathic Medicine at Home, by Maesimund Panos, M.D. and Jane Heimlich is also popular. I’m especially keen on Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry, by J. B. Chapman, M.D. and Who is Your Doctor and Why, by Alonzo Shadman, M.D.All these books contain practical dosage information. You may have noted that all are principally authored by medical doctors.To irrelevantly quote opera comedian Anna Russell: “I’m not making this up, you know.”

Many a fever is relieved by chiropractic adjustments of the upper vertebrae of the neck.It is common to have a feverish child recover much more rapidly than usual after treatment. It certainly helped our kids, and that’s what matters to me. (Though Robert Mendelssohn, M.D. is now deceased, he supported Chiropractic in our 1976 anti-trust suit against the AMA.)

There is a lot of unnecessary confusion over whether or not to feed a fever.Naturopathic theory holds that controlled, therapeutic juice fasting promotes recovery from many illnesses.We are not talking starvation, but rather a pause from our usual pattern of OVER-eating.Juices, especially raw vegetable juices, actually provide above-average nourishment for days at least.One could easily show that vegetable juice fasting really isn’t a “fast” at all.It is an especially healthful, inexpensive, natural, uncooked, modified liquid diet.If you want results fast, then fast for results.

Philosophically, does it make sense to put more gasoline into a burning car?First, put the fire out.We can fill up the tank later.

If all the above options seem like a medical walk on the wild side, keep in mind that even one good idea can help your child get well a little faster.

Corporate Wellness Program

The health and wellness of your employees is directly related to the function and profitability of your company. Whether your employees do repetitive tasks, manual labor or are using their mental skills, they will be limited by or can excel because of their state of health.

We work hard to reduce absenteeism, but have you thought about presenteeism?

Presenteeism- What is it?

  • Presenteeism is defined as lost productivity that occurs when employees come to work but perform below par due to any kind of illness. While the costs associated with the absenteeism of employees has been long studied, the costs of presenteeism is newly being studied.
  • The cost of absenteeism is obvious — 100 percent of the worker’s productivity is lost each day the worker is not on the job; the cost of presenteeism is a more “hidden” cost because the worker is on the job but is not productive and may be an accident waiting to happen.
  • Presenteeism is common. Many workers come to work not feeling wel l— they work with back pain, allergies, arthritis, and other conditions that can impair their own performance and productivity. Some workers come to the job sick with the flu or a cold, and these workers also perform below par. In addition, contagious workers may infect others, and this could contribute to further absenteeism and/or presenteeism in the business.

Many employees may not show notable signs of physical sickness but are mentally unable to function because of stress or impaired mental function. This impairment is hard to identify, but may hurt your company even more. It is often the result of inflammation and chemical imbalance created by an unhealthy or unsuited lifestyle.

How can Miskelly Chiropractic Center help?

When you observe true health and wellness you are not simply seeing the absence of symptoms or the labels of disease, you are experiencing optimum function and vitality. In applying a Wholistic Concept we want to assess current function and then create an environment for optimal function.We don’t stop at treating symptoms and numbers, we strive to enhance performance.

Our program is also more concerned with biomarkers of health than markers of disease.Blood work has standards for health, Saliva, Hair Analysis and the Insight Melenium made up of (5) five tests to determine the health and function of the Central Nervous System are all markers given to your employees to follow their improvement. We are concerned with strategies to solve health problems and not simply manage them.We are interested in reducing dependence on medication and supporting the body in its’ natural processes. We have developed strategies to create that reserve of health. We look at biological function and therefore look at and improve mental function at the same time.

If we can help people learn what lifestyle is more suited to their body, we can solve many of the most common health puzzles. We have a successful weight loss program because we focus on improving function of the human body, and we don’t focus on weight since it is just another symptom. Working with many diabetics, heart disease sufferers, mental dysfunctions, cancer support, fibromyalgia and fatigue, ADD, etc., we look for resolution of problems. Our ultimate goal is to have people avoid these diseases altogether.

Quarterly Health and Safety talks are recommended to give your employees a foundation and information needed to make implimentation possible. After all Implimentation is the secret of maintaining any successful program or activity.

If we can create healthy and self sufficient people, they will contribute more to your organization and in effect create corporate wellness. You can utilize our services to assess the current health status of your employees using both conventional markers for disease, and also by obtaining biomarkers of health and fitness. From there you can have us educate your people on how to move toward better health and productivity. People with advanced disease processes will be made less of a liability by improvement of their condition.

Informed, sharp, and motivated people are who you need working for you. Someone biologically and physiologically healthy will function at a higher level. You can bank on a skilled, motivated, healthy individual and we can help. CALL (260) 747-1596 check us out at www.chiropractorfortwayne.com

P.S.If you are an employee and you recognize the value of what you just read, PLEASE take time to show it to your employer. At least direct them to this webpage and I will thank you.I would hope your employer would do so as well.  Thank You for your consideration. Dr. William Miskelly

“Article reprinted with permission from Austin Wellness Clinic, HCG Weight Loss Specialists”

Headaches and Neck Pain

Headaches have multiple sources, some simple like dehydration, bright lights, heat, cold, constipation, poor sleep, too much sleep and not enough activity. Some more complicated like sinus congestion or infection, tooth abcesses, allergies, stress and vascular spasms or dilations and toxicities of many kinds.There are a few caused by serious problems like brain tumors.Fort Wayne Chiropractor’s must be aware of all those and many more. Many of those headaches can be related to subluxations.Subluxations are vertebra that are misaligned and pinch the very nerves that were supposed to protect you from most of those stresses.  That is the job of the Chiropractor, locate and fix those subluxations which then allows your body to heal itself.

Neck Pain most often happens with loss of range of motion.  With the loss of motion is joint painand muscle spasms or muscle splinting.When you experience this pain and it lasts for weeks or months, the body begins to lay down calcium that follows the bone, discs, ligaments or tendon fibers in an attempt to stablilize the joint.This is seen on x-rays as arthritis.As a Fort Wayne Chiropractor, I see my job is to restore normal function as quickly as possible to slow the development of arthritis.  Restored joint function also restores joint stability.

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